Making London home

A home provides the basis for a stable and healthy society. The housing crisis in London threatens its status as a global city and the UK’s economic hub. It is increasingly a city for the rich where tenants typically pay 30% of their income on rent and house prices of £510k are at 13.9 times the typical household income.

For London to continue to thrive it needs to sustain vibrant communities, enabled through the provision of more affordable, quality homes. However, cost inflation and higher interest rates are slowing the delivery of these priorities.

Some of these problems are not new and charitable housing associations, like Notting Hill Genesis, were set up in response. Partnering with councils and local government, we have a fundamental role to play in tackling these challenges.

Our strategy

Working better together to improve the entirety of our customers' experience – the services they receive from us, the quality of our homes and the places in which they live

To reconnect more fully with our residents and address their legitimate concerns, we need to get closer to them. We need to listen actively and empathetically and see our services from their point of view.

We want all our residents to have a safe, warm, comfortable home where they can enjoy life. We need to make improvements of one sort or another to the majority of our homes.

A sense of community plays a crucial role in our residents’ overall experience. We will manage our estates in a holistic, tenure blind way that meets the needs of the residents and local community.

Partner with us

We work with public and private sector partners – from councils to contractors, to private landlords – on a range of projects, blending commercial flair with social responsibility.

You're in safe hands with Notting Hill Genesis. We have more than 25 years' experience and expertise in letting properties across London and the south-east for private and portfolio landlords, letting agents and developers.

We can guarantee you a monthly income without the fuss of having to find and manage your properties.

Selecting suppliers to work with is something we take seriously as it ensures we deliver only high-quality goods and services to our residents, colleagues and customers.

Building homes

We have a development pipeline of more than 8,000 homes and are always looking for new opportunities in the capital, and potential new partners who share our values, approach and objectives. In the 2022/23 fiscal year we achieved 459 starts on site and the same number of completions, with more than 60% being affordable housing.

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