We are committed to developing you and your career; we want you to grow in your role and for the future. We help colleagues to do this by providing role-specific training and career pathways as well as many varied learning and development opportunities. Our corporate programmes cover a wide range of skills useful for both your work and personal life, and are complemented by a variety of online resources and facilitator led sessions to meet the needs of different learning styles.

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Development sponsorship scheme

At Notting Hill Genesis we recognise that staff may wish to pursue a formal qualification to further organisational and personal development and we may be able to support with this.

Development sponsorship support can include:

  • leave to attend classes
  • leave to study for, or sit exams
  • financial support to pay fees

"NHG provided me with support to undertake a masters degree in facilities management and funded 60% of the tuition fees over the two years I studied. The course has been great for my career as it allowed me to gain the highest level of qualification within facilities management and the sponsorship scheme gave me access to colleagues across the business to help raise my profile within the company as well succeed in obtaining the MSC. I've moved into a more senior new role since completing the course and am now applying the skills and experience I gained during the development sponsorship scheme to the challenges within my new role."

Frazer Day - Fire Safety Project Manager

“NHG’s development sponsorship programme funded half of my payroll management foundation degree. Without this funding I would have struggled to financially support my learning and development at NHG. The course enabled me to advance my payroll learning and think of ways to improve the payroll service to our staff. The course gave me more confidence to progress towards being a payroll manager and feel that this opens up more opportunities for the future.”

Amanda Evans – Payroll Officer

Apprenticeships at Notting Hill Genesis

Apprenticeships are real jobs that allow you to earn a living while you learn. You'll spend 20% of your time working towards an industry recognised professional qualification and they can take between 1 to 5 years to complete.

If you are looking for an apprenticeship, we may have an opportunity for you. We’ve got apprentices at all levels, working for us in several areas from construction to property management to data analysis.

The beauty of apprenticeships is they offer the chance to gain knowledge and experience simultaneously. We work with professional learning providers to support our apprentices to complete a course of study relevant to their job and allow them to network with their peers across the sector. Meanwhile, they continue to undertake a role in the business on full pay, so by the end of the apprenticeship they’ll hopefully have gained the skills and knowledge needed to either succeed in their chosen career path or progress further.

Apprenticeships can also be an opportunity to take the next step forward in your personal development. For example, NHG offers higher level apprenticeships for experienced staff looking to gain qualifications and official recognition of their skills and knowledge. We currently have staff completing a high level leadership qualification, equipping them to become the directors of tomorrow.


If you think you might be interested in an apprenticeship opportunity, please check our current vacancies. If you don’t see a live vacancy, you can also register and sign up for job alerts.

You can learn more about apprenticeships at apprenticeships.gov.uk

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